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Create headless Shopify Store in Webflow

Webflow & Shopify connected

Design in Webflow. Connect with Smootify. Manage with Shopify. No-code & no export.


Design in Webflow

Build your store visually within the Webflow designer without any limitations.

Bovist Template Webflow and Shopify

Connect with Smootify

Connect Webflow to Shopify with no need to export code or launch any conversion.

Shopify Logo

Manage with Shopify

Manage with Shopify's built-in solutions for order management, shipping labels and more...

Stay in Webflow

Once you've connected your Shopify Store with Webflow through Smootify, you can publish your store directly from Webflow and make any design change in no time.

Publish in Webflow

Save time

Use our pre-made Webflow native components and control every single pixel of your Shopify store entirely in Webflow through our new official Webflow App.


CMS Server Sync

You can easily import your Shopify data into Webflow and keep your Webflow project always synced with Shopify automatically.

Smootify Webflow and Shopify Connected
Single product page
Products Lists
Compare at Price
Discount Percentage
Product Title
Product Description
Product Image
Add to Cart
Shop Pay Button
Quantity control
Stock Count
Image Slider
Media Slider
Lightbox Images
3D Models
Product Card
Complementary Product
Related Product
Metafield Product
Product properties
Mini Cart
Cart Count
Remove Cart Item
Cart List Item
Cart Page
Cart Notes
Account Info
Address List
New Address Form
Login Form
Passwordless Login
Register Form
Recover Form
Custom order page
Country Switcher
Store availabilityNew
Location SwitcherNew
Cookie ConsentNew
Predictive Search
Products Filter
Cart Upsell
Store Locator (Mapbox)New
Product File UploadNew
Newsletter SubscriptionNew
Finsweet Logo
Built using Client-First v2.1

Relume & Smootify

You can now harness the combined power of Relume and Smootify to effortlessly launch Shopify stores designed entirely in Webflow, in almost no time! This Relume Library includes 150+ components to build advanced Shopify stores totally in Webflow.

Smootify Relume Library
a streamlined process

Few smooth steps to connect

Discover how it's easy to launch a fully functional Shopify store totally in Webflow.

Step 1

Install our Official App on your Shopify project.

Install and launch the official Smootify Shopify App from the Shopify App store. This app will automatically create redirect you to the Smootify dashboard to select the Webflow project to connect to Shopify.

getting started smootify
smootify getting started guide
step 2

Connect Shopify to Webflow with Smootify.

After selecting and connecting Smootify, navigate to your site settings and add your project domain. Then, simply paste the Smootify JS script into your Webflow project.

step 3

Customize your project with the Smootify Webflow App.

Customize any element of your store with the Official Smootify Webflow App. Copy & paste all the elements you need without moving out from the Webflow designer.

cms server sync
step 4

Keep Webflow and Shopify always synced, automatically

You can easily import your Shopify data into Webflow and keep your Webflow project and Shopify store automatically synced through our CMS server sync functionality.


Live Smootify stores

Browse live stores powered with Smootify by users around the world. Want to show your store too? Submit your project by clicking the button below. The best works will be listed on our site!

Submit your project

Discover the Smootify resources

Templates, add-ons & tools to power up your workflow & create your shop in few hours (not days).

HQ Templates

Built by expert designers and developers to speed up your work. Save time without rinouncing professional results. Our templates come packed with everything you need to start, manage and grow your business.

Powerful add-ons

Discover the list of Shopify apps/functionalities you can fully integrate into your Webflow project. Predictive search, product filters, cart upsell and much more. Personalize shoppers' experience to boost your sales!

Smootify Products Filter


Join our Discord community to get help with your Smootify project



Discover the Smootify released features starting from the beginning.

getting started

Easy Docs

Browse our docs to setup your project correctly, in few simple steps


Discover the new features we're going to release in the next months.

Affiliate program

Join us and earn a 20% commission on every subscriber you refer to us



Stay tuned with the Smootify world. Upcoming features, new releases...


Shopify & Webflow Apps

You can now install the official Smootify Shopify app directly from your Shopify store to connect your Webflow project to Shopify and manage your Smootify plans. Combined with our Webflow app, available on the official Webflow Marketplace, you can leverage pre-configured Webflow components to build your store faster!

Smootify Webflow App

What do I have to pay to run a fully functional store?

Webflow logo
Webflow CMS Plan
$23/month (billed yearly)
Select a plan
Shopify Logo
Shopify Basic Plan
$29/month (billed yearly)
Start a free trial
Bovist Template Webflow and Shopify
Smootify Lite Plan
$9/month (billed yearly)
Subscribe now
TOTAL: $60/month (billed yearly)
No transaction fee. 2K CMS items.
(Choose Webflow Business Plan instead of CMS Plan for more items)


Which Webflow plan do I need to use Smootify?

You need a Webflow CMS plan ($23/month - billed yearly) at least.

Which Shopify plan do I need to use Smootify?

You need a Shopify Basic plan ($29/month - billed yearly) at least

Do I need both Webflow and Shopify plans to use Smootify?

Yes, you need the Webflow CMS plan and the Shopify Basic plan (at least).

Turn your Figma to Webflow/Shopify

Turn your Figma into a pixel-perfect Webflow or Shopify website. Get an instant quote now!

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