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Relume & Smootify

Combine the power of Relume with Smootify to launch Shopify stores totally designed in Webflow... in almost no time!

150+ Webflow Components

This Relume Library includes 150+ components to build advanced Shopify stores totally in Webflow. Copy and paste each component into the canvas... and the work is done!

relume library

Ready to work with Shopify

All the elements in the Library are already configured to work with Shopify through the Smootify App. No extra configuration needed. Just copy, paste & launch!

This library has been created using the Relume native components built with the Client-First (2.1 version). You can create your next Shopify store starting from the Smootify Starter Template, which already includes the Client First Style Guide and Smootify CMS structure.


Do I need a Relume Paid account to use the Library?

Yes, you need an active Relume Starter Plan at least in order to use the library.

Can I use it for commercial projects?

You sure can! Being an agency ourselves, we’ve built this so you can use it for all your next Webflow projects.

Do clients have to pay to access my library?

No, privately shared components can be accessed by anyone using the Relume Free plan. Your clients will need to sign up to a Relume Free plan in order to copy and paste components from your folder.

Turn your Figma to Webflow/Shopify

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